I had the opportunity to do the animation direction and 3D animation for this sensitive and captivating film illustrated by activist and illustrator Paloma Barbosa for AACD.
Animation Direction: Maurício Fahd and Marcelo Fahd 
Producer: Karina Oliveira
Storyboard: Danilo Cheng
Illustrator: Paloma Barbosa dos Santos
Animator: Carlos Yury Nunes Barroso and Danilo Cheng
Clean-up and color: Karla Milkem, Jonathan Pablo Guerrero Cazar, Juli Soloaga, and Bernardo de Melo Teixeira Spengler
Agency: DPZ&T 
Director: Rafael Antonelli 
Executive Producer: Natalia Souza
Assistant Executive Coordinators: Diandra Martins and Cecília Bertoche
Client Services: Regina Knapp, Roberta Frederico, Felipe Lopes, and Marília Raffaeli
Production Coordinator: Mariana Guerra
Assistant Production Coordinator: Marcia Frota
Finisher: Kevin Crauford
Post-Production Coordinator: Rafael Bozzi
Motion Designer and Compositor: Ivan Franco
Sound Production: Satelite Audio
Music Direction: Kito Siqueira, Roberto Coelho, Hurso Ambrifi, and Thiago Colli
Client Services (Sound): Fernanda Costa, Renata Schincariol, and Claudio Leal
Music Production: Kito Siqueira, Roberto Coelho, Hurso Ambrifi, Mike Vlcek, Thiago Colli, Charly Coombes, Koitty
Finishers (Sound): Ian Sierra, Renan Marques, Vithor Moraes, Enrique Fonn, Arthur Dossa, Pedro Macedo
Production Coordination: Dudu Missono, Giu Tavares
Production Assistant: Renan Marques

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